JK Brokers Ltd (JKB) is a specialist ICE currency futures execution firm. We source interbank liquidity for major hedge funds and CTAs. Our clients have the option of calling us to trade on their behalf or using our technology to access our liquidity.

JKB was founded in 1998. We started out as a pit execution firm on the FINEX trading floor of the New York Board of Trade in Dublin. JKB has consistently been the largest currency futures broker on the ICE / NYBOT. In September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed the ICE exchange assumed all of Lehman’s open futures positions. The ICE chose JK Brokers to liquidate Lehman positions. In 2011 JKB liquidated MF Global’s positions on behalf of the ICE exchange.

JKB continues to deal for some of the world’s largest hedge funds and global forex banks.

Our currency and US Dollar Index products can be found by clicking here..

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